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An overnight Emirates flight from Tokyo to Dubai landed with an extra passenger on January 19. Not an extra passenger due to a stowaway or inaccurate weight and balance paperwork, but an extra passenger in the form of a new life – a passenger gave birth midair. The new passenger, and mom, were assisted by the cabin crew until medical personnel met the aircraft upon arrival in Dubai.

Emirates Flight EK319

The birth occurred on Emirates flight EK319, a 12-hour and 12-minute overnight flight, on an Airbus A-380. Despite the medical issue, the flight arrived on time, according to information provided by FlightRad.

Cabin crew of commercial flights are provided extensive training in assisting with medical issues that might arise en route, such as heart complications or childbirth. The aircraft’s captain – acting in his or her role as pilot in command – can divert to another airport in an emergency. Still, on this flight, the crew landed at the intended destination, Dubai, where the passenger and new baby received medical care upon arrival.

In these incidents, not only is the cabin crew’s assistance critical, but the crew relies on many others to coordinate the response. These include dispatchers – airline company personnel who plan flights and monitor progress throughout the flight – as well as company operations personnel – those coordinating an airline’s ground resources. A team effort is essential in aiding the flight crew in providing resources once a distressed aircraft is on the ground.

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