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Despite the midair birth that increased Flight EK319’s passenger count by one, births on commercial airliners are rare. Consistent with other commercial airlines, Emirates has rules limiting travel for women in the latter stages of pregnancy. new life – a passenger gave birth midair. The new passenger, and mom, were assisted by the cabin crew until medical personnel met the aircraft upon arrival in Dubai. An Emirates spokesperson said that

A review of Emirates’ policy on traveling while pregnant shows that passengers can book a flight up to their 29th week of pregnancy, provided there are no complications or medical concerns. In the 29th week of pregnancy and beyond, a letter from a doctor or midwife is required. Emirates does not permit travel in the 32nd week and beyond in a multiple pregnancies or at or beyond the 36th week in a single pregnancy.

Rules like these have made midair births increasingly rare. However, United Airlines reported a midair birth in early January 2022 on a transatlantic flight. Later last year, Frontier reported a midair birth on one of its flights on May 17, 2022, from Denver International Airport to Orlando International Airport. Other births have made headlines in recent years. Stories abound – apocryphal or not – of free flights for life being bestowed on those born in midair.

Medical incidents like these tend to show the splendid side of humanity – cabin crews and other passengers stepping up to help others in their time of need – lending patience, calmness, and their skills – when it is needed most. Thanks to the crew and passengers of Emirates Flight EK319, a new traveler had an auspicious start in the air.


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